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Screen Enclosures

Whether you are looking for screened pool enclosures, screened patio enclosures, screen patio rooms or a florida style covered patio, we at Venetian Builders provide enclosures that will stand the test of time as well as stand up to a strong hurricane.

High Strength Screen Enclosures

The State of Florida is the hardest place in the country to build anything and screen enclosures are no exception, we are now required to use heavier aluminum beams, increased wind and roof bracing, and longer lag screws to attach the enclosure to the concrete deck. All of these code changes are good for the strength and appearance of your enclosure.

At Venetian Builders
Good is not good enough for our Screened Enclosures

  • We use stainless steel fasteners to anchor the enclosure to the concrete deck; we insure the chlorine gasses from the pool will not rust away the metal holding your screen enclosure together.
  • We use high grade aluminum to make your wind bracing and K-wall bracing.
  • It looks better and adds strength at no additional cost to you.

The small changes are what we believe separates a good build from a great one. We build every pool and patio screen enclosure to be great. Don’t worry about us making a mess either, each crew is equipped with trash cans, a shop vac, and pressure cleaner to insure we can clean up any construction related mess we may have made.

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